Monthly Rental Bikes


As of April 18th, we have a monthly hybrid option due to demand. It is limited in supply. No accessories will be provided. 🚴 Hybrid only. If that is not sufficient, then please read on.

Washington, DC has a unique bicycle business market. The retail shops do not rent. The 10% of shops that do, have a handful of beaten bikes. The Capital Bike Share program has actually reduced the likelihood that stores would try another retail rental venture. I've even heard customers don't like the idea of bringing the bikes back after use. Again, bike share and our business have the advantage. 

We have high end road bikes, for the competitor. Something else no other rental company offers. We have hybrid bikes for the leisure set. And yet our customers want more...and want it for longer.

Some long term visitors seek monthly rentals. Interns want cheap transport during their stay. CapitalBikeShare can add up and is inconvenient at times, especially when you are riding at rush hour or to popular places.  We offer weekly rentals for many of our bikes.

But even with a big discount, we (& our competitors) would still have monthly rates more the purchase of a new bike. Our bike shop affiliates would love to have your business, even for a month. In this city you can be assured that if you purchased a good $470 3 speed belt drive bike, you could easily sell it for at least half of what you pay for it. We might even buy your 2017 bike from you if it is a Gotham Priority Bike or Focus Planet Plus. But it is easy to sell it on online yourself. 

If you are on a serious budget, you can always buy a bike on Craigslist and sell it when you are done with it. Beware that when you buy used, you buy the used bike problems too. The money you save may still end up at a bike shop, just in the repair department.

Finally, is a site where people offer their bikes for rent. It is a true bike share business.