1. HOW TO RENT A BIKE:  Click on a bike photo on the Home page. Click the photo twice for details to see pricing & options. Choose the length of rental: 1 to 7 day options. 1 day is up to 24 hours, etc.  Add to Cart. Checkout your Cart, then fill out the rental form with your height, when, where. The helmets and locks come with the bikes.

Our service is a simple one. Give bikes to those who want bikes. We do it during business hours of the respective property. 

7. Can you pick up your bike?  Yes, that is the only way our service operates now. We have locations across DC with our bikes. Make a reservation starting at the home page and read the first question above.

8. Which bike should I rent?   If you don't know the difference between types, then pick a classic bike.

9. Can I call to make a reservation?  Yes, but it is preferred that you have seen the site. Otherwise we are attempting to describe different bikes over the phone. It will take longer over the phone, but we understand times computers don't cooperate. Be patient when calling. Our number is below.

11. Are there shorter term rentals?  We hate saying no, but we recommend CapitalBikeShare for rides under 5 hours, since our day rate is less than theirs for that period. See their rates here. Also, our bikes are actually (nice) bikes you can buy in a local shop.

12. Do you have a cancellation & refund policy?  Yes. A full refund will be issued to written cancellations 4 hours or more prior to reservation by email or text. Cargo bike cancellation requires 6 hour notice for refund. NO REFUNDS after a timely delivery. 

14. How many bikes are available?   +50 bikes. Select the type you want on the home page, and select how long you want it. Inventory is accurate. Sold out bikes will be stated. First reserved gets the bike.

15. Are you a rookie cyclist? Read this blog post. If you're skilled, then read this for pro details. NOTE: We do not approve modification of our bikes in any way.

16. Should I be concerned about security when renting?   Yes. So we removed the quick releases from the wheels & seat post so they are more secure (5mm seat bolt & 4mm skewers). Use a lock when leaving your rental bike outside of your reach! Lock to something metal, but not on private property unless given permission by property owner.

18. Is it the law to wear a helmet?  If you are under 16, then DC law requires you wear a helmet.

19. DO YOU GIVE REPAIR KITS OR ALLOW PART MODIFICATIONS?  NO. We like our patrons, but our attorneys say not to rely on their mechanical skills. Things can be made worse. So, locate a nearby shop, get repairs, then give us the receipt. Any damages created by tool use and or part swapping during rental period will result in charges to the renter as stated in the waiver.

20. If I get a flat or something, what do I do?  There are so many bike shops around that you can take your rental there fast to get rolling again. We will refund you. The price of a tube & labor to install is less than $20. A tire rarely needs replacement, but costs around $25 at any bike shop. We do not recommend you to repair your own flat, but you would need a 5mm hex tool, because our bikes do not have quick releases for security. If you damage any part of the bike, then you will be responsible for those repair charges as stated in the waiver. Road bikes have tubeless tires. 

Do you have group rates?  If your group has more than 9 riders, email us to make arrangements. 

21. Do you give riding lessons or tours?  WABA holds classes for learning. We have contact with a third party tour guide, which is a service distinct from ours. Visitors may want to contact bike shops or check our blog for group rides on the weekends.

Email us or text us with questions not listed here. We want to improve our questions section.

We are driving around town, so if we don't answer, try emailing us if it is long or sending a text if it is short.