United Spokes of America

The annual National Bike Summit is here again, the first week of March! We look forward to helping them out around town with a special rate found on our Twitter account @bikestoborrow. If you didn't get into bike advocacy yet, there's no time like the present. Bicycling magazine has an advocate list of citizens all over the country, which anyone could learn how to lead through cycling.

We were happy to see that women have jumped on the bike-wagon! It may be the year they gain population parity with men who cycle in the USA. Washington, DC is adding more bike lanes with barriers to cars, which helps ease the safety fact significantly more than any other recommendation, including lights and apparel. Its the system, silly. Its gotta change and advocacy is the way.

Jakob Wolf Barnett, is COO of the Bike League and we send a hello to him too. Great to see him go from the local to the national bike stage. Great guy.