August Oddities

  May has been our best month year after year. It's a month where we work the hardest to please the most customers. But August 2015 has been a most unusual 31 days. It might have something to do with the amount of tourists in August versus other months of the year. There were many more last-minute reservations. There were more mishaps and confusion with how our service works, how our bikes work, what we charge and riding bikes in general.

May is still our top grossing month, but August now competes with May as the month where we work the hardest giving our great bikes to eager cyclists. We know that as more people become familiar with bicycling, the critical point and culture of riding shall become commonplace. A new Copenhagen, if you will. DC will become oriented to two wheels as the traffic gets worse thanks to the incredible desire for people to work, reside and visit here.

We have noticed that cyclists are more pleasant than drivers, more helpful, and more attractive too.