Welcome to the New Cyclist Renter!

We had another great summer with 2016. We enjoyed the wave of new interest in cycling from our expanding customer base. Repeat customers know the drill. This is for the rookie renter or the infrequent cyclist. If you are renting as a group, please check with each rider that they know how to ride a bike. Ask when was the last time they rode a bike.

Our site is an attempt to emulate a car rental company site. On car rental sites you pick the date, time of your reservation & the car.  With us, you pick the vehicle first, then schedule it. Remember, all bikes are not the same. If you've chosen a carbon bike of any sort, then you have to choose a pedal option because carbon bikes pedals are sold separately. Here are examples of our form.

If bikes are all the same to you, then you may want to just know the cheapest price. It would be a kid's (under 5 feet tall) bike rental. So if you fit that height requirement then you can have a bike for $45 for up to 24 hours delivered in DC for free.

Our minimum rental option for any* bike is one day. You DO NOT have to keep the bike for a full day. You can rent for 4 hours if you wish, but the minimum rate for a hybrid is $55 = day = up to 24 hours. Choose your size on the checkout page along with scheduling.       [*except a cargo bike]

The White House we use as a center point measuring driving distance. We try to serve as many people as possible, but if we are roaming around the outer suburbs we cannot do that. So we only travel as far as 17 miles from the center of town by car.

When you rent from us, you may lock and leave our bike anywhere in Washington, DC. We will pick it up during business hours. Please text or email us when you do this. Photos help as well. You can leave the bike in DC suburbs too if you've paid the fee for service outside of DC. The wheels and seat are bolted on.

Please be aware of the rules of the road wherever you ride your rental bike. Here's info on laws in DC, MD & VA. Lights are legally required for riding at night, so please select the accessory on the checkout page. Directions and bike mapping cannot be better than Google.

If you are renting a road bike & riding one for the first time, then please review this video teaching you how to shift gears. If you want to know shifting gears on a hybrid, then this video instructs you. NOTE: Hybrid shifters have LOW & HIGH etched into them.

Finally, a bike saddle is firm because you need support for long periods in a leaned over position. Think of the difference between your office chair and your living room chair. You wouldn't switch one for the other since they perform well for their environment. Another similarity to office chairs is you can change the height and angle of bike saddles. If you prefer plush or lots of give to your saddle, please check with a bike shop for saddle covers.

We are a bike rental company ONLY. We are not located at the White House! There is no storefront! We come to you!