The Experienced Cyclist

We blog posted for the rookie cyclist which covers the majority of the American population that doesn't ride daily or weekly. This post is for those that do ride consistently. We want to make clear our capabilities to those who may not have limits when on their bikes. Examples of our rental form.

We assist in adjusting your saddle position, but we DO NOT do fittings. So, do not send or bring your measurements from your bike. That would be akin to bringing your tailored suit's data to a tuxedo rental place. Instead bring a tape measure if so inclined. Our driver is NOT a mechanic. NOTE: One measurement does not apply to all bikes or manufacturers.

You may install your own pedals. It is the extent of modification to our rental bikes. If you choose to further modify our rental bikes by changing the stem's position in any manner or swapping saddles, then be prepared to pay if damage is done from your tampering.

We do not have all pedals from every manufacturer. We are not a bike shop. If you use Look, Frog or anything not Shimano compatible, then you should bring your pedals and not risk making an error. Most pedals can fit inside shoes.

Our bikes have 5mm hex skewers as opposed to quick release skewers for safety and security. But if you would like to be prepared for flat repair, please bring your own CO2, 700x23 tube & levers. We do not recommend self repair because, as stated at the start of the post, most customers are not experienced with bikes. We (our lawyers) can assume even less of the population is skilled at high pressure road tire replacement. So, we ask that you get repairs done by a professional when possible. We will refund you the cost.

We pump tires upon delivery. This reduces chances of flat by more than 60%. Most of renters enjoy a flat free ride. We cannot stop customers from doing what they want, but understand the consequences when using our fleet. We tried to make it like renting a car. We hope you apply the same care and logic.