The Rare Unhappy Renter

In an effort to be transparent, we have taken it upon ourselves to discuss an email sent today from an unhappy customer. If you look at all review sites thus far, we have garnered excellent ratings. However, you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Admittedly, our most difficult task is timing traffic at the end of a business day. Google Maps and their competitors are not as precise around our nation's capital, due to having America's number one traffic. So, we attempt to compensate at times for this fault in the system.

We always hope customers give themselves a bit of a window for pick ups & drop offs since just about anything could happen (for example the President stops traffic). We ask for customers to give a specific time and we are on time 90%. Delivering a bit early to cyclists who can adjust their own saddle or have rented previously, can also smooth things out.

Our driver is generally pleasant, there to assist if need be. The driver also seeks efficiency especially at the end of the day or on weekend mornings. For this customer, our driver appears to have arrived 30 minutes too early at the end of her 7 day reservation. The owner of the house, which she isn't, answered the door and kindly assisted, without our request, returning the rental bike, after we phoned the person for whom the bike was rented (her brother). You may wonder, if the home owner was not present, what would have occurred? We would wait, of course. 

We sent an email apologizing for being 30 minutes early at the end of her 7 day rental. It is the first time we have had to apologize for that. Her email listed tardiness and lack of communication on pick up and delivery. To be clear, our driver acknowledges this delivery showed up almost 15 minutes late and upon arrival apologized to the customer, though at the time the customer made no complaint.

Driving while texting is forbidden and illegal for us. Phoning or calling while driving can be taking multitasking too far when looking for an address for the first time.

No negative comment was made on the quality of the bike or the pleasure of use. We hope this transparency is useful to our future clientele. We aim to improve our service as we hope to expand the joy of using bicycles in our Nation's Capital. Stay cool this summer!