Business / Life

Small businesses tend to fail after a few years unless a variety of circumstances are present. Our hope is that we've accumulated those attributes as we attempt to expand with our staff, our new used vehicle, and our soon to be announced activities.

Meanwhile, we expect to regularly contribute to the blog once more after last year's hiatus. We had a busy summer last year. While we didn't accomplish all we expected, we have brought all of our unfinished objectives into 2018. So, we ask for your support and guidance in these 4 items:

  1. A supervising manager that can work a few hours daily. Part time. We have drivers already.
  2. A business networker to get our bikes into hotels in Crystal City, Rosslyn & Downtown DC.
  3. A marketer to sell the ad space on our 21 foot electric van for added revenue stream (since no one rents in winter).
  4. Other ways to increase our bottom line in order to handle it all!

We believe there might be one person who can fit the bill. if YOU know this person, then send them in our direction. We look forward to serving you in 2018.