The End

This is about to get personal.

We have enjoyed our experience renting to the hundreds of people visiting and staying in the DC area. We had a niche that was unbeaten. Great bikes delivered to you. We attempted to expand to unique hotels and establishments that realized the asset bicycles were to their guests and community. The Omni Shorham Hotel was one of the places that had a portion of our fleet. But after more than 10 years, times change and life evolves.

Marriage and 3 children happened over the decade. Two of the children showed up at the same time just last year. And an unusual slump in tourism in DC around 2016 along with the rise of bikes and scooters as reusable vehicles littering the walkways came into being. However, we cannot put all of the circumstances on external forces. This business is good to great if you stay local with it. Costs stay low if you are the staff. Hiring means rapid expansion must occur, but we didn’t set our best foot forward in that regard.

The National Harbor would’ve been a good place to spread, since there were cyclists but no businesses catering to them. DC Bikes shops were closing but cycling was increasing. Will we return? We would not be in the same form if so.

We have left the country for bigger and better things personally and entreprenuerially. Twins are a business load of work and pleasure. The mistakes with Bikes to Borrow will benefit the business we have begun on the isle of St Martin. If you saw us on HGTV, then you might already know what were doing there.

Cheers. Happy cycling.